I was on tv with Brolle

Did you know I have been on live tv show with Brolle? It was recorded at O’Learys in Luleå.

It’s Thursday so why not have a little throwback?

My favourite Brolle song is defenatly “Playing with fire” although he has made many since then.

Due to my short length I had to stand on a stool! Still I’m the shortest of the lot!!

Mum took pictures of the tv while watching. I think she was a little bit proud.

This was at the time I was doing event photography and I was invited due to the popularity of my blog.

I was also in another Swedish tv program called “halv 8 hos mig”. But that story is for another throwback post.

It was quite an awkward moment. We tried some food and reviewed YouTube videos of cute animals.

I wonder why I didn’t take any more pictures? After all I was known for photographing events.

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