Patrik has passed away

It feels weird to continue without telling you that Patrik has passed away. He has been a part of this blog and defenatly a part of my YouTube channel where he frequently joined me while I was recording my videos. As soon as I turned on the lights he wanted to sit in my lap, such a photobomber ♡

I actually believe some of you follow me on YouTube because of him but I hope you will stay…

Patrik trying candy with me on one of our videos.

What happened? He had epilepsy that turned worse and I decided to put him to sleep. It was a hard and sad decision to make.

Sometimes beeing a responsible pet owner suck.

This is one of my favourite images of Patrik.

It’s been half year since Patrik passed away but I have only told a few about it. First it felt like it was too hard for me to talk about it and then I felt stupid for waiting for such a long time.

We have had so much fun through the years and he was an especially kind and friendly cat.

Look how cute Patrik was as a kitten and he immediately became best friends with my dog Britt 🖤

Do you have a beloved pet that has passed away?

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