Lunch at Le Croissant

I had planned to make myself pretty for a lunch with my mum but as many mothers may recognise mornings with a baby does not always work out according to plans!

This is my view when I breastfeed on the sofa

Alvira wasn’t in the mood to watch while I did my hair and make-up. She was hungry and wanted to be close while resting. I skipped the styling and got cosy with her instead. (Or perhaps it was me who rather spent the time with her instead of in front of the mirror.)

Alvira was however in the mood to sleep while walking in the city and to let mum and I eat in peace 🖤

I chose this blouse with chains on because I know my mum gets happy whenever I wear something with colour and not all black from top to toe. If something as simple as that can bring happiness to mum I’m prepared to do it!

We visited 3 restaurants before deciding on Le Croissant. I love their salads and the interior.

Alvira played with her bat while we were eating. You can read more about how I made the bat in this blog post.

The chevre and beetroot salad is my favourite at Le Croissant. Mmmm hot chevre cheese!

After lunch comes “Fika” and Alvira got tired of laying in the stroller so I took her in my lap instead. She is too young to taste anything but breast milk but it’s nice to be part of the fellowship 🖤

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