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Boden Cruising 2020

The official Boden Cruising was cancelled due to corona this year. BUT, everyone came with their cars anyway and it became an un-official cruising.

It isn’t difficult to keep distance in a car if you want to and therefore Johan and I decided to go with Alvira. We took the camaro.

I think she enjoyed it but of course we had to stop and breastfeed a few times. Safety is important and Alvira has to sit in her infant safety seat while on the roll. Therefore I can’t breastfeed while we are driving.

Johan stopped at a place where we had a good view over the other cars. His parents were also cruising and kept us company.

Suddenly Alvira turned around and drove of with the car!

Haha no just kidding 🖤

Maybe next year I’ll be able to take more pictures of all the other cars. And hopefully Corona is gone by then!

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