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New Blog Goals

I don’t know if you have noticed but this week I have uploaded a blog post everyday. It’s a new goal of mine. I try to write when Alvira falls asleep in my arms after breastfeeding in the morning.

I also want to make videos again. I’ve noticed I got quite a following on YouTube but making videos takes so much time. I think I have to lower my editing goals because I can spend days on editing a single video and that’s not possible when you have a child to take care of. After all what matters most is to enjoy every moment with Alvira and to be a good mother for her.

For a moment the sun was shining and I had a very cosy lunch date with Alvira on that little white chair and table.

Such a sweet company 🖤

Whenever I look at our house I’m amazed. It’s built in the 19th century and I can’t believe we are living here. Isn’t it cute?

Imagine how cool the house would look in black but Johan told me straight away before I had even said anything about it that we won’t paint it black!

I totally agree with him though. The house fits very well in grey and therefore I couldn’t change it’s colour. A dark paint would probably also damage the original over 100 year old wooden facade.

Johans parents has bought the mailbox in Florida.

See you tomorrow 🖤

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