Fire Ombre Page hairstyle

This is a throwback to my birthday party in June 2015. I had recently cut my hair and dyed it fire ombre. Looked cool but was high maintenance and didn’t last long.

This was at a time when I was partying a lot. I often made Facebook events whit a custom drawn image for each event. This was the image for this particular party:

A few days prior I bought this sterling silver raven skull necklace as a birthdaygift to myself and I was looking forward to wearing it on the party.

It’s weird how times change. I no longer live in that house and actually don’t hang out with any of those friends anymore. No grudge, I suppose sometimes you drift apart in various directions.

As so many other nights we ended up at Western Farm and this particular evening the Swedish duo Viktor & Samir was playing.

It feels like ages ago, especially now during corona times when Western Farm (and all other clubs for that matter) has closed. This year I didn’t even have a birthday party.

These two picture were taken at 04:19 under the midnight sun. During this time of the year the sun is up around the clock in northern Sweden. It looks like day, but still different somehow. I think the sun gives a more orange looking light during the night.

The morning after the party the house looked like shit and I was hungover…

Don’t mind forgetting the cleaning up part!

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