DIY crochet bat

I have crocheted a bat for Alviras stroller. Perhaps you have already seen it dangling in the stroller on some images?

I made it while I was pregnant and couldn’t move around a lot. In the beginning Alvira didn’t pay much attention to the bat but as she was getting older she started to notice it. Sometimes she even boxes at it.

I didn’t follow any pattern while making the bat. It’s crocheted by free hand. I used the same technic as when crocheting a ball, simply adding or decreasing to make it the shape I wanted. I didn’t know exactly how it would end up when I started but that’s the fun of it I think.

When it was finished I stretched the bat and sprayed it with water. As it dries the yarn gets somewhat stiffer and the wings more rigid.

Not the prettiest crochet animal compared to what you can find on Pinterest but it’s made with love and I think it shows 🖤

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