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Thriftshopping interior

Thrifting, or buying vintage that has become such a popular term, is an old interest of mine. Old things makes a more cosy home!

I used to do it a lot but it’s been a while since last time I went thrifting. Now that we live in a 19th century house I thought it was time for me and Alvira to find some “new” things for the enterior.

The best things with thriftshopping is that you never know if or what you might find. And when you buy something secondhand it feels like finding a treasure because it’s something unique that you can’t get anywhere.

The first thing I bought this time was a brass letter rack in a shop called Secondhand. I’m going to use it for napkins on the dinner table. Fits perfectly!

Brass letter rack becomes napkin holder

In another shop called Magasin V I found this amazing oil painting. I don’t know the artist but it’s very beautifully made and of course the image does not do it just. I’m not sure where to hang it yet but I think it will be in the living room.

At the same store I bought this drawer which I will use as a mini laptop table. I think I might paint it despite that it will destroy it’s antique value.

What so you think, would it look better in black or should I keep it as it is?

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