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Burnout feast in Råneå

There is a car meet in Råneå at Cafè Tosca every Monday during summer. This Monday was the last for the season. I didn’t know it’s a tradition to make burnouts on this last day. A pleasant surprise!!!

Look at all those black marks on the road!

This volvo was Alviras favourite car on the meet. I asked her and she said yes…

Johan was interested in the build aswell. He has built a Volvo 240 with a V8 engine but sold that car a few years ago.

Johans Volvo 240 is featured in this video:

There were a lot of people at the car meet and we had to struggle a little bit to keep a safe corona distance. Good thing this was outdoors and it was possible to look at cars parked further away whenever it got crowded.

Spectators gathered to watch as the cars left. Of course everyone was hoping to see burnouts.

Johan was extatic but since we didn’t go there with the camaro he wasn’t able to make any burnouts himself. My Volvo 740 isn’t powerful enough to make cool burnouts yet but it will be after the planned engine swap.

Do you love burnouts?

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