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OOTD space bun mum

Space buns and platform sneakers. As the tummy (and feet) are shrinking it’s getting more fun to get dressed. I can explore “new” clothes in my wardrobe again. In the end of the pregnancy I had about two dresses to choose from and my feet were to swollen to wear anything but crocks…

My body is faar from beeing back to pre-pregnancy though. It probably never will but it’s healing little by little.

Walking with the stroller is fun and as a bonus it keeps me activated and makes me stronger.

Today, everything except the shoes and jewellery are bought at different occasions from H&M (I always bargain black clothes from their sale). Platform Sneakers: Roots Rings: Hellaholics and Regalrose. Necklace: the Whimsy Crystal Shop

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2 thoughts on “OOTD space bun mum

  1. Ajli says:

    du och bebis ser såååå fina ut båda två. Puss änglar!

    1. Tack!! Ja vi mår så bra och jag är ju partisk så säger att hon är världens gulligaste!

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