Magic in the forest

We spent the weekend at Sandön and I took a walk in the forest. The terrain is a little bit rough and sandy but after all “Sandön” means “sand island” in Swedish and hence that’s no surprise. I had this in mind when we bought the stroller and I must say it works very well in the terrain.

I enjoy beeing in the forest. This day it was a bit windy which made it especially pleasant since there were no flying insects such as mosquitoes bugging me.

The bumpy road and fresh air was also appreciated by Alvira who fell asleep quickly. She was awake for a while though. Everyday I’m amazed by how much she has grown 🖤

After the c-section I could barely walk to the bathroom but my body is slowly going back to normal. Or fast, depending on how you see it.

My hands are still swollen but not as much as before and I can finally wear some rings. Remember the garnet ring I bought from Hellaholics while pregnant? It finally fits!

Gathika Garnet Cut Stone Silver Ring from Hellaholics

By the way, doesn’t this old stump give you magical vibes?

Apart from the magic, the forest also offered me a snack…

Hello there little blueberry!

The forest at Sandön is very beautiful. This walk got me tanked with new energy.

How do you feel when you walk in a forest?

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