DIY Clip-On Space Buns

av Anna Munkhammar

Space buns are my absolute favourite hairstyle. Lately since my hair is pretty long I have preferred the half-up half-down space buns but they actually fit very well with short hair too.  

Some space buns through the years. When I was younger I teased my hair a lot to make them as big as possible. It looked cool but it was a nightmare to comb the hair afterwards…

I used to take pride in that I only used my own natural hair when I did my space buns but that was only the case until I noticed it caused damage to my hair. I remember very well the first time I noticed the breakage. It was a few years back in a hotel room in Umeå and on the very place where the space buns sit.

The breakage of my own hair after excessive styling made me realize that I needed to use a new technique to spare my hair when making my space buns. I started to experiment with extensions and now I always use my DIY space buns.

You just tease some extension hair into a ball and fasten it to a hair clip and voila you got yourself a clip-on space bun!

You can find different types of hair extensions on Poze Hair.

Half-up half-down space buns

I have made them in different sizes and experimented with different hair clips and found that the clips that comes with clip-on hair extensions are the best. The bun is easier to fix to those clips and the clip isn’t visible.

The hair can be glued onto the clip or you can sew it on. I’ve tried to use a hot glue gun and it worked but I prefer to sew it to be 100% sure it can’t fall off.

I use the clip-on space buns to get projection and then I put some of my own hair over it to blend both my natural hair and the extensions.

Yesterday I decided to make these extra small space buns. These will give only a little bit of projection which I think will be great for an everyday look.

Today I got to use them. It’s the first time I made myself pretty with some hairstyling and makeup since the delivery of Alvira. It felt so refreshing!

Beeing a mum takes a lot more time than I had anticipated and it’s difficult to find time between breastfeeding and changing diapers. Besides I don’t really feel like doing much. I rather just be with her 🖤

Pros of using extensions

  • You don’t have to tease your own hair and with less styling comes less damage to your natural hair.
  • It’s fast and easy to get the right projection of both buns everytime.
  • If you go for the half-up half-down space buns this also means that you have more hair down which gives it a fuller look.
  • If you go for the half-up half-down space buns this also means that you have more hair down which gives it a fuller look.
  • You can make the buns as big as you want.
  • It’s fast to take them of when you get home.

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