Who is hiding in my belly?

So faar I know it’s a baby girl. This could clearly be seen on the ultrasonography. From what they have been able to tell she is healthy and developing normally.

Image from the first ultrasonography. She is only 28,9 mm (1.14 inches) long from head to buttock. Although that small she clearly had a shape of a baby.
Image from the second ultrasonography in week 18. Still keeps her hand towards her mouth.

Since I got pregnant people have told me that I will recognise the personality that the baby had inside the belly when she comes out. If that is the case I’m lucky! She has been very calm and gentle. Moving but not kicking a lot. I must say she has been very kind with me ūüĖ§

Image from the third ultrasonography. This image shows the front of her face. When you see it you see it.

Unfortunately she is laying in a transverse position but since I have a date for a planned c-section that will not be an issue. The¬†transverse lie position¬†is when the baby has the head on one side of the mother’s body and the feet on the other. In swedish this is called¬† “tv√§rl√§ge”.

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