C-section and corona tests

In the end of a pregnancy the baby is supposed settle into a position with it’s head downwards. This has not happened in my pregnancy. The baby is still moving around mostly laying on it’s back and the estimated birth date is July 9 (on Thursday and it’s Monday…).

Thank goodness I will give birth with a planned caesarean section ūüĖ§

Since a c-section is a operation I’ve had to be extra careful not to catch the notorious corona virus. I was tested on the hospital on Saturday although I have no symptoms.

Yesterday they called from the hospital and told me that Johan had to get tested aswell, otherwise he would not be aloud to participate in the c-section! What a nightmare not beeing aloud to the birth of your own child! Nightmare for me too if I would have to go through the delivery alone.

Of course this scared me because although we have a date for a planned c-section the delivery can start by itself before that and in that case we have to rush to the hospital.

Johan standing in line to get tested for corona. I waited in the car.

Johan was tested for corona as soon as possible early this morning but there is a risk the test will not be analysed in time. They did however promise it would be prioritized so as long as the baby stays in the belly until atleast tomorrow I think we will be fine.

Beeing pregnant during this corona pandemic sure has been a experience…

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