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Killstar order, what is Cthulhu?

It was a long time ago but recently I made a new Killstar order. Although my baby belly is huge and I know it will take some time before it’s “back to normal” I figure I can wear these two blouses with the buttons open at first.

Runa Chiffon Blouse can be found here
(also avaiable in plus size here)
Sorrows Maxi Shirt can be found here

I also bought a new shower curtain. It has Killstars Cthulhu print. This print can be found on some of their clothes, pillows and other items.

It’s hard to see exactly what it looks like on the pictures but I took a chance on it.

Cthulhu Shower Curtain can be found here

What does Cthulhu mean? To be honest I didn’t know this but I always google before buying in case it will be something I don’t like. In short Cthulhu is a monster with the head of an octopus. You can read about Cthulhu in Howard Phillips Lovecrafts novels.

As I read about this I realised it’s something I should have known but I must admit I’m not well versed in gothic literature. I wish I had a bigger interest in reading poems and novels but I end up spending my time on other interests.

As a teenager I read more but as an adult I feel like there is always something to do in the home and when I do read I’m often drawn towards non-fiction.

When the child is born and grows up I’ll try to read more because I do believe it’s an valuable and important thing to do. Plus once you commit into reading a book it’s quite fun and rewarding in many ways.

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