Fresh flowers in week 39 of the pregnancy

Apparently I’ve become one of those who pick flowers in my yard and put them in a vase.

Didn’t see that coming but perhaps it’s the pregnancy hormones. The vase was a birthday gift and I did actually hope that I would get better at picking fresh flowers after getting it. I hope I’ll continue to do so!

By the way if you wounder what’s in that glass it’s milk. I find it very helpful to drink milk when I get heartburn.

It’s common with heartburn during pregnancy but thankfully I’ve only had minor issues with it. Today was one of those days though but to drink some milk made the trick. Atleast for a while.

Today also marks the day when I’m officially in week 39 of the pregnancy.  The child is about 50cm (19 ½ in) and weigh about 3,2kg (7 pounds).

The baby could come out anytime now but so faar it feels as if it will not come early. There hasn’t been any signs of labour. Not even vague ones. No contractions or anything like that. BUT, we are always ready to go with a packed bag in the car in case that would change and we would need to rush to the hospital!

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