Midsummer at Sandön

Midsummer is a huge holiday that carries a lot of tradition in Sweden and we always dream about it beeing warm and sunny. Therefore I don’t think anyone living in Sweden wasn’t amazed by the sunny midsummer weather last weekend. The day before it looked like it would be like every other midsummer. The sky totally opened up and it was pouring down!

This is what it looked like from our windows. We were supposed to go to the cottage at Sandön island but since it involves a trip with the boat we had to wait out the rain.

This was quite discouraging. Johan and I had gone home early from work to be able to go to Sandön as soon as possible and then it seemed as if we would have to wait till the morning after… However, in the evening the rain became a light drizzle and we decided to go!

It’s a short trip from our home to Sandön. I’m especially thankful for that now during corona times when we are advised not to travel longer distances!

The day after was both hot and sunny and it has continued like that. Wonderful summer weather 🖤

Since we are near the arctic circle this means sun during the evening and night aswell. And oh, by the way, my baby bump is huge. There is only about 2 weeks left to delivery. The baby can come anytime now.

I often get the question if it’s hard for me to be pregnant in the heat. Actually I find it mostly positive. Yes I do get more tired now than I normally would and it feels weird wearing compression socks up to my knees. BUT, the pain in my back and pelvic has improved a lot!

It’s as if the heat softens the body making it more agile.

I must say I’m totally enjoying these last weeks of the pregnancy 🖤

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