Staycation at Sandön in Luleå Archipelago

We spent last weekend at Sandön in Luleå archipelago. It was the premier for this summer season and it felt great to be back in our little black cottage!

It was beautiful and the weather was fantastic! I can’t get enough of waking up to this beach view.

Johan and his dad did some work on the boat engine. Beeing heavily pregnant I don’t do much at all. Walking to and from different places to sit or lay down is just about enough in this summer heat.

Outside Johans parents cottage there is a hammock hanging between a couple of trees. It’s a perfect place for a pregnant womans siesta.

Can’t help to laugh at my compression socks. It’s a bit weird wearing socks like these but they do miracles with my otherwise swollen legs!
When I don’t want to see my socks I can look up at the treetop instead…

Actually we did take a small walk by the beach to the cottage neighbour Marie. She invited us for a drink (non-alcoholic of course) and a moment of cosy talk.

I’m greatful Sandön is close to home. Especially now during Corona times when staycation (or “hemester” as we say in Sweden) is the only option for traveling 🖤

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