Knitted blanket

I found an old knit that I was working on somewhere during 2008 (?) I don’t remember exactly but it was a long time ago that’s for sure!

Throwback. A much younger me.

During that time I was aspiring to become a fashion designer and used to wear very colourful clothes that I made myself. The knit was supposed to become a long cardigan.

The cardigan was almost finnished but the arms got a little bit too tight and I suppose I got bored of it. Since then it has been forgotten in a cardboard box.

It’s very cute with a lot of animals, cupcakes, robots, trains and even a car pulling a caravan!

Today I don’t really feel like wearing this knit as a clothing item BUT when I saw it I realised it would be nice as a blanket. Therefore I ripped up some of it and continued to work on it but as s blanket.

I just finished crocheting an edge around the knit but now there are many threads that I need to attatch. That’s a tiresome work and probably another reason why the knit has layed forgotten for so many years.

I try to motivate myself to continue the work by thinking it will be a nice gift for the baby 🖤

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