Gothic flowers

As the case is for many others the corona pandemic and the isolation that comes with it has given me more time at home. There is no forced isolation in Sweden but I try to stay away from crowds, don’t meet a lot of friends and work from home.

Maybe this is one of the reasons I’ve had an increased interest in the garden. I don’t think I’ve ever planted flowers before but this year I’ve bought both summerflowers, a tomatoplant and eatable herbs.

I found some flowers that I couldn’t resist. The black petunia looks like velvet 🖤

If a flower could be goth those petunias must be it! Should I play some music and ask them what they think?

I also found begonia flowers with dark leaves and deep red flowers. I’ll see if I can find more plants with dark leaves. They have to be easy to care for though.

It looks a little sparse in the pots but I hope the flowers I have planted will grow larger and fill up the space. Otherwise I have to plant something more.

What do you do during corona isolation. Have you found any new interests?

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