33 years old soon to be mum

Happy birthday to me! June 13 is my birthday and I’m now officially 33 years old.

Kitchen view. My pretty birthday cake. The b&w images on the shelf is of my parents 🖤

We celebrated my birthday with Swedish fika already on Thursday since we had decided to go away for the weekend. I made a tasty mango and raspberry cake and invited mine and Johans family.

When I was younger I didn’t appreciate getting flowers as much as I do now. A bouquet of flowers can really make a room and I’m too mingy to buy it myself. Therefore now I’m very grateful when they are given to me. I suppose it’s a sign I have grown up.

Mum sometimes mix bought flowers with handpicked branches.

I also got a small bouquet of handpicked flowers in a very cute antique vase from Johans mum. The vase once belonged to her grandmother. I’ve decided that I’ll try to pick new flowers to put in it during the summer.

Apart from flowers I also got a new black bike and a lifewest to be safe at sea 🖤

Since the pregnancy is starting to get a toll on my body walking too much gives me pelvis and back pain during the night. However bicycling makes it less painful and it’s fun too!

This is how big my belly was on Thursday. It’s only about 3 weeks left to delivery.

My ankles, feet, hands and chin is even a little bit more swollen than before now. I’ve bought special compression socks and it has helped a lot.

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