Pregnancy update

There are only a few weeks left of the pregnancy. Everything is going so fast at the same time as it’s moving slow. It feels like I’ve always been pregnant but on the other hand it’s hard to understand and grasp that I really am.

I’ve been lucky not to have any big issues so faar. My body has been very kind to me. Only a little pelvic and back pain (actually it was a lot yesterday) but other than that things are moving along fine.

I’ve noticed the pelvic and back pain correlates to what I’ve been doing during the days. Too much walking or bending down will result in painful nights. At the same time it’s not good to have been sitting down too much eather.

Note to self: forest plantation is NOT a good idea to try out again…

I need to take it calm but it’s a little bit boring when there is do much I want to do. Summer is here and I want to fix things in the new house and garden.

The child will arrive in the beginning of July. It’s less than a month away!!

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy update

  1. Julia says:

    Heja heja heja!
    Jag är så glad att du fått må bra, men skogssättning nu!? Galning ❤️💛

    1. Haha jag vet. Men skulle bara hjälpa till lite och ja, det kändes ju sen kan man säga 😀

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