Gothic Rock 2020 – Foghorn Lonesome

Gothic Rock 2020, are there any new goth music made now? A while ago I got an email from the Swedish goth band Foghorn Lonesome offering me to use their music in my videos. It gave me the idea for a YouTube video.

In this video I talk about my own insecurities around music and why so little of the goth YouTube community evolves around music. Youtubers can’t use any music they want in their videos due to copyright issues. I also introduce Foghorn Lonesome, a contemporary goth band that is actually working on new material as we speak. I’m looking forward to their next release!

Making this video made me realise I should get better at exploring new music. To be honest I’m quite lazy and tend to be drawn to familiar music despite that I often feel like I’m wearing it out.

Here are two of the songs featured in the video:

Do you have any favourite contemporary goth band?

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