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New 19th century home

A few weeks ago Johan and I moved to a new home. This house is his childhood home where he grew up. His parents bought a new house, we bought their house and Johans brother bought our house. Quite a castling.

At the moment we are in quarantine since Johan has a cold and staying isolated at home is the most responsible thing to do in these corona times. This saturday was a beautiful sunny day and we went out on the yard to enjoy it.

Together we mounted the IKEA outdoor furniture that we have bought. The reward was an ice cream and beeing able to sit on a chair in the sun.

Britt sat on the highest pile of snow. Don’t ask me why 😅

I’ve had split emotions about moving. I absolutely loved our old house. We had renovated the interior, built a new garage and painted the house grey/black. I originally bought the house on my own and then Johan moved in with me not long after. It was an empowering feeling buying my first house on my own and we had made a beloved home there.

On the other hand our new house has a little bit more space which will come in handy when we get a child. It’s also very pretty and built in the end of the 19th century.

Still, the first nights after moving I cried and I was longing to go home. After a while I have gotten used to that this is my new home now and it’s feeling better each day.

Already most of the furniture is in place and there is only a little unpacking left to do. We bought some new curtains that I’m going to hang up. At the moment I hanged them a bit sloppy over the rod just to see what it will look like.

Mum came with the easter twigs to give us some easter feeling during the isolation ♡ The sunny saturday gave us the taste of spring aswell but yesterday the winter made a comeback. It started to snow a lot and it continued today.

But as always the stormy weather is temporary and spring with sunshine eventually wins.

I’ll show you more of the house in future blog posts.

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4 thoughts on “New 19th century home

  1. Ajli says:

    Ert nya hus är också mycket mycket vackert.

    1. Tack 🖤 jag tycker också det 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    Att flytta kan vara tufft och det är en omställning. Det var inte lite flyttande som hände här när någon flyttade in i ert gamla hus och ni i någon annans gamla hus. Jag hoppas du kommer trivas!

    1. Ja det var ett väldans farande med möbler fram och tillbaka eftersom vi hjälpte varandra att flytta. En stor omställning har det varit men det känns bra ändå.

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