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New Garnet Ring

I couldn’t help myself and actually just ordered the Gathika Garnet Cut Stone Silver Ring  from Hellaholics. Image from

I’ve had my eyes on it since it first appeared at Hellaholics webshop but I didn’t buy it straight away due to that my fingers have been a littel bit swollen lately and I’m unsure of what their size will be once the swelling has gone down. As it is now I can’t wear my regular jewels that I always have.

In the end I decided to buy a size 7 (I usually have size 6) and I just pray it will fit both now and later on. Perhaps if I change which finger I wear it on…

Ok so why was I stupid enough to buy yet another ring when I don’t even know what ring size I have? Well, I managed not to but then I noticed Jenny Elisabeth had bought it and it looked so damn good!

Image from You can see more in her blog post here.

Once again I managed to control my impulse to buy it but this morning I started to get nervous it might get sold out and I knew I would regret not buying it. Lucky for me Hellaholics had a 20% discount this weekend when using the code “easter” on all crystal items. So now it’s on it’s way home to me as well.

I wounder why I decided this to be my comeback to my blog after such a long absence. A simple post about shopping? I would have thought I should write something more “special” but sometimes it’s easier to start with something simple.

Anyway, I’m happy to be back!

Are you a ring-a-holic?

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2 thoughts on “New Garnet Ring

  1. Det är en vacker ring, kul att få vara med i ditt inlägg 🖤

    1. Det var kul att jag kunde låna bild av dig. Plus att har man härmats är det lika bra att erkänna 😁

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