DIY Gothic Decor Ideas

I have uploaded a video called “DIY Gothic Decor Ideas for your home”. Some of the things I show are fast and easy and others take a little bit more effort. As a bonus you get a small tour in our bedroom ♡

First of all the easiest thing to give something a “gothic” appearance is to paint it black. Yes it’s obvious I know but I still want to show how much difference it can make. In the video I make some examples of thiftstore finds that I painted.

There are other small tweaks that you can do aswell such as using ornaments or changing knobs on furniture.

In the video I also show you how to DIY this globe with a clear quartz crystal in it:

And how to experiment with this mirror that I set on fire…

You can see the video here:

Do you have any goth DIY hacks?

-Please let me know!

And do you think I should make more videos like this?

-Please let me know that too!

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