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ZipLine Croatia

I have uploaded a new video on YouTube from when Johan and I tried zipline in Omis in Croatia.

My plan is to upload once a week from now on. I hope I manage to do it! I’m already working on the next video and have a few more in the making.

It’s fun to film and edit but I’m scared people might think I’m silly doing it. That’s defenatly the most difficult part with YouTube. I wish no one in my hometown could see my YouTube channel X-)

Thank God Johan is very supportive and always tell me not to worry what others may think ♡

“Zipline in Croatia” is also a premiere for my new intro. It might not be a big thing for someone else but I’m actually quite proud of the animated hand and bell.

You can see the video here:

This is the second time I try zipline. The first time was in Åre in Sweden. You can see footage from that occasion here:

Have you ever tried zipline and if not, would you dare to?

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2 thoughts on “ZipLine Croatia

  1. Ajli says:

    Jag har aldrig och har svååååårt att se mig själv våga om chansen gavs åt mig!

    1. Jag tror du skulle våga! Jag har varit jätterädd när vi gått upp på taket för att måla (och huset är inte ens högt). Höll på att börja grina ena gången jag skulle klättra ned för stegen. Men vågade ändå åka zipline. Det blir som en annan grej när man är fastspänd och allt.

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