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Boat Tour to Klubbviken

After a warm day at the beach (and eating lot’s of water melon) at Sandön we decided to take the boat to Klubbviken. Klubbviken is also at Sandön but on the other side.

Britt has become a real sailor girl!

On the way we passed the iron industry SSAB. I think it’s fascination to see the large cranes and ships coming to get iron ore. My grandparents had a cottage not faar from here and I remember how my grandfather used to watch the ships with his binoculars ♡

There is a nice beach at Klubbviken and a small harbour. The triangular building is the restaurant and if you want to stay the night there are cottages for rent.

We took a walk around the area but didn’t eat at the restaurant. One day I would like to try out the food there!

When it was time to go home the sun was getting low and everything had a beautiful golden glow to it.

The sea got very calm with barely a wave. It looked like a mirror!

Quite a nice trip if you ask me.

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2 thoughts on “Boat Tour to Klubbviken

  1. Ajli says:

    Heheheheh,,,, jo, det stämmer att… du-vet-vad händer i slutet på det där du-vet-hur-sättet i Into the wild. Fruktansvärt obehagligt… men fram till dess vill jag absolut ut i skog och berg och vara idealist ;D

    Liksom det här inlägget får mig att vilja leva båtliv och vara idealist 😉

    1. Ja men det är så otäckt när han upptäcker det. Får rysningar ibland när jag tänker på den scenen, det har verkligen satt sig 😱

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