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Driving a boat for the first time

Yesterday me and Johan went to Johans parents cottage at Sandön, our favourite place to be during summer!

It was a beautiful evening and I was happy to see our little black cottage again! There were even bats flying around when it was time to go to bed 🖤

In the morning we went down to the beach to relax. The red house to the left is the main house and the black to the right is where Johan and I usually sleep and therefore I call it “ours”.

After a lazy day under the sun we had to do something fun. Johan and his brother went water skiing and I came along.

Johan showed me how to drive the boat and we had a really good time.

It wasn’t difficult to drive, after all you have the whole ocean to move on (almost).

Have you ever driven a boat?

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2 thoughts on “Driving a boat for the first time

  1. Ajli says:

    ALDRIG! Seglat en herrans massa båtar och är/var duktig seglare… men kört: aldrig!

    1. Men hallå segla är ju 1000 gånger svårare!!!

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