Viktor & Samir at Boden Alive

Today me and Johan went to Boden Alive after work. It’s a yearly festival in Boden and we decided to celebrate that we finally got our summer vacation today!

All of the food that was served had to be local and I think that’s a very good initiative. Johan had a moose-burger and I ate moose spring rolls.

As desert we treated ourselves with cotton candy and went to see the swedish band Viktor & Samir play.

At first it wasn’t possible to get a glimpse of Viktor & Samir due to all the kids and their poor parents jumping while carrying them on their shoulders. I felt so sorry for them when Viktor & Samir kept shouting “jump, jump, jump!”. Bet they will have some soreness in their legs tomorrow!

After changing place a few times Johan finally found a spot where I could see them. I actually like many of their songs because they remind me of summer and partying.

If you have never heard Viktor & Samir here are two of their songs:

Before going home Johan had to make a vacation burn out. He says it’s going to be a new tradition!

Tomorrow we are going to Boden Alive again but first we will have a BBQ party with friends 🖤

2 thoughts on “Viktor & Samir at Boden Alive

  1. Ajli says:

    Älgvårrullar låter himla nice!

    1. Ja det passade jättebra. Smart idé 🙂

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