Load Up North

Wow I found some really old photos from Load Up North. It’s a fun event where they show excavators, tractors, trucks and various industrial things.

It’s possible to test drive some of the machines and of course that’s very popular!

Apparently this was one of the rare occasions that I wore nailpolish. I always have problems with nailpolish chipping and it never lasts long on my nails no matter what brand I use. Anyway this day I had it and it matched one of the trucks.

The best part of the day was testdriving vehicles! Here I come out from a brand new Volvo that I drove on the test area.

Next time I’ll be even more brave and perhaps try out the excavators!!

2 thoughts on “Load Up North

  1. Julia says:

    Gud så kul, jag har aldrig kört annat än bil eller moppe ;D

    1. Det var kul att prova och inte särskilt svårt heller. Hade en farbror med mig i hjullastaren så det kändes ganksa tryggt 😀 De har ju Load Up varannat ¨år i Umeå så du får prova när de har det där.

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