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Hrpina: The best restaurant in Markarska

Yesterday evening me and Johan took a walk in the alleys of Markarska to find a place to eat dinner.

We ended up in a restaurant called Hrpina. While all other restaurants were pretty empty Hrpina was full of people and hence it seemed like a good choice.

Well worth the wait!

We had to wait a while to get a table but it was well worth the extra minutes…

The owner was very friendly and gave us a home made cherry liquor with ice on the house while we were checking the menu. Johan ordered grilled pepper steak and I decided on the lamp pot. Both were delicious!

As you can see the lamb pot was huge and I actually asked if I could have a doggy bag with me home (that’s not a common practice among Swedes)ūüôą

Way to full to eat anything more the owner insisted on giving us desert. I’m not sure Johan were that hard to persuade though…


After eating at Hrpina I had to check it out on TripAdvisor and it came as no chock that it was one of the best reviewed restaurants in Markarska.

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2 thoughts on “Hrpina: The best restaurant in Markarska

  1. MadAboutTea says:

    Maten ser ju riktigt god ut!
    Ni verkar ha hittat ett mysigt st√§lle att √§ta p√• ūüôā

    1. Men jag hade missat att du skrivit. Ja det mesta var gott i Kroatien faktiskt, väldigt god mat!

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