Livsstil, Resa och Äventyr

The Markarska Riviera in Croatia

I’m in Croatia! All these images are from our first day in the Markarska riviera.

The weather wasn’t the best but Markarska is very beautiful despite the clouds.

May is a little bit off season which I think is very positive since it’s less crowded with tourists. It’s not as warm as during summer but as we say in Sweden, “it’s like swedish summer”.

We had the beach to ourselves and the water is crystal clear. In fact the whole city strikes me as incredible clean.

Goth on the beach 😅

We left the beach and took a walk in the old town.

After walking around it was time for a coffee break.

After lunch me and Johan once again went out to get some fresh air and to look at the architecture.

Once again, goth at the beach. I hope there will be warmer weather soon!

You have to wear shoes in case you step on one of these animals:

Finally, the nice view from the balcony. Johan found a bear named “Johan” 😅

Today we are going to zipline in the mountains. But that will be another blog post. See you!

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5 thoughts on “The Markarska Riviera in Croatia

  1. Ajli says:

    det verkar sååååå magiskt! <3

    1. Det är jättevackert 😀

  2. Madabouttea says:

    Men åhhh så fint och mysigt!

    1. Ja de var över förväntan!

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