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Slalom in a Full Power Storm With Hurricane Winds

I spent the weekend in Kåbdalis. It was quite a challenge on Wednesday because of the stormy weather but at the same time it was fun!

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Det blåste lite idag 🌬🤪 #kåbdalis

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You can see how I struggle to simply go downhill on the video. And that’s not even when it was at its worst!

As Johan said: If we were on American tv there would be a cool manly voice saying that we were skiing in a full power storm with hurricane winds!

That would not even be a lie, they said it was hurricane winds on tv. 

Luckily for us it was a beautiful sunny day and not particularly cold. It made it fun to battle the wind at the top of the mountain.

Britt enjoys going to Kåbdalis too 🖤

Today on the other hand was a stunning day with no wind at all. The chairlift that was closed due to the storm yesterday was opened again.

Perfect for some romantic kissing 🖤

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