Volvo 740 projekt

Eagle on the grill

I have given my volvo 740 a.k.a the ghost car some extra love lately. First of all one of the door lists fell of when a friend of mine closed the door and it didn’t look particularly nice…

It was an easy fix though. Johan ordered new plastic clips and then he showed me how to replace the old and worn out ones.

I felt like a true mechanic putting the list back in place!

While Johan was doing some more serious jobs on our other Volvo car (the V70 diesel generation one) such as changing the control arm..

…I had plenty of time to do fun things with the 740! I secured the cat skeleton in the back, fastened a metal decoration on the grill and drank atleast two cups of coffee 😂

What do you think of my accomplishments?

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2 thoughts on “Eagle on the grill

  1. Chefmekanikern says:

    Mycket bra jobbat av dig!

    1. Tack!! đŸ˜ƒđŸ–€

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