Thoughts about pregnancy

What has been going on the past week? Well I’ve been somewhat absent and faar away in my thoughts.

First of all I’m wondering if I’m pregnant again. Even though I don’t want to get my hopes up too much I can’t stop thinking about what an amazing Christmas gift that would be and suddenly most things feels less important. I’m several days over my period but nothing shows up on the pregnancy tests.

Everyone keeps telling me not to stress and that thinking about the pregnancy will only make it more difficult. But I do not feel like it’s bothering me. I enjoy fantasizing about it and probably feel more stressed out over people worrying about me feeling stressed. I promise I’m fine 🖤

I just find it hard to focus on the blog and the advent calendar. I thought it would give me that kick to start over with YouTube but instead other things keep occupying my mind. Perhaps it’s better if I make a new years giveaway instead? 

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts about pregnancy

  1. LC Bat says:

    Good and hopeful thoughts your way! I hope you get the news you want.

    1. Thank you 🖤 I hope that too ☺

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