3 classic Sisters of Mercy Songs

It’s time for “Goth to listen on Fridays” and on this particular day I felt like sharing not only one but three songs by the Sisters of Mercy. I simply could not decide which one I wanted to be the song for the weekend.

Temple of Love


Lucretia My Reflection


This Corrosion

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What do you think of The Sisters of Mercy?

Have a nice weekend!

3 thoughts on “3 classic Sisters of Mercy Songs

  1. Jenny says:

    Älskar Sisters of Mercy, speciellt Temple of Love. En låt jag först upptäckte (för mååånga år sen) är Alice och den har följt med mig genom alla år.

  2. LC Bat says:

    So many fond memories of listening to Sisters of Mercy albums with my friends in college… <3

    1. 🖤 sounds like really nice memories! I mostly listen to music alone now a days but I sometimes long for sitting down with someone listening and talking like in the good old days.

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