OOTD & Giveaway Plans

av Anna Munkhammar

Hello there! This is pretty me and handsome Patrik today 🖤

I’ve gotten a lot of positive response lately and I just want to say THANK YOU!

Even though the main reason for this blog is for me to be creative it feels a lot more fun knowing you are out there and appreciate what I do. Everytime someone writes me a message and let me get to know them a little bit is amazing.

It may seem like all I care about is me myself and I when I post a lot of selfies but that’s not true. I want to know who you are too, where you come from and what your experiences are.

For instance I’ve learned I’m defiantly not alone in this world to have a miscarriage and that certainly encourage me to stay strong and positive.

It’s been a year since I did a YouTube video and I’m beginning to feel ready again. How about a little advent calendar with some chit-chat and a giveaway each Sunday? Would you like that?

It would be a way for me to give something back to you.

/ Leather skirt – Thrift shop find / Oversize shirt – Lindex / XL smoke quartz necklace – Hellaholics / Sterling Silver Ankh necklace – DIY / Platform boots – Killstar /

Sweet dreams!

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