After Work with my Childhood Friend

Yesterday me and Johan went out to eat dinner with my childhood friend Johanna and her husband Patrik. It was the first time I tried the A La Carte menu at “Färgaregatan Sött & Salt” in Boden.

Johan and I arrived a little early and took a selfie while waiting for the others 🖤

Previously I’ve only tried the lunch buffet at Färgaregatan and I was excited to order something from their evening menu.

As a starter I had fried chevre cheese and as main course mussels in white wine sauce… Mmmmm delicious!

Johanna is one year older than me and since our parents are friends we have known each other basically from the day I was born. It feels quite unique to have a friend like that 🖤

We have been on separate life journeys living in different parts of Sweden but we always kept in touch. I’m happy that both of us has moved back to Boden and can hang out with each other more often.

Do you have any friends that you have known since you were kids? 

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