A Day In The Forest

Today me, Johan and Britt helped mum and dad doing some work in their forest. Afterwards we had cocoa and sandwiches around a bonfire.

It was very cosy and nothing taste as good as when you eat outdoor after a day of physical work.

Everything wasn’t all picture perfect though. Britt pooped and both Johan and I stepped in it… 💩

Did you have a nice weekend? 

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2 thoughts on “A Day In The Forest

  1. Jenny says:

    Hade en bra helg, har hittat mycket ny musik att lyssna på! Bilderna i det här inlägget är så stämningsfulla, härligt att se. Längtar hem till Norrbotten nu 🖤

    1. Tack Jenny! Å kan du kanske tipsa om nå ny musik?

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