Goth Things I regret buying

In this video I show things I regret buying such as hair-dyes staining my hair green, clothing making my bum see through, makeup not lasting, things I did not dare to wear and so on…

It was some time ago I recorded this video and I thought I should post it again as a little throwback. After all, it’s Thursday today! If you want to see more TBT blog posts you can find them here.

About the black lipstick. When I look at the video I think I’m cute with black lipstick but despite that I never have it. I sometimes wear brown or deep red or plum though.

What do you think, would you also regret these items?

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2 thoughts on “Goth Things I regret buying

  1. Gud, jag minns när du var mitt uppe i ditt gröna hår… helt vansinnigt! Så fruktansvärt dåligt, och det fanns ju flera flera flera andra som upplevt samma sak har jag för mig? att de inte tar bort produkten från marknaden!

    1. Ja jättemånga som gick runt med grönt hår. De säljs fortfarande men jag undrar om de gjort någon ändring i formulan, jag hoppas det i vart fall!

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