Snowmobile Day 2018

It’s not long ago since it was the snowmobile day in Sweden. Despite the name it’s actually a weekend in October when all the snowmobile stores are open. People interested in snowmobiling meet at the stores, look at the new models and eat hamburgers.

First of all me and Johan visited Tords Motorservice. That’s where I bought my Ski-doo.

It’s my favourite store because Stefan who has it is very nice to talk to and often laughs a lot. It feels as if he really cares about me as a customer even though it was a few years ago I bought my snowmobile there.

My next door neighbour Markus was was there too. He sells his own brand of snowmobile sleds called NTS Sledparts.

Next up was the store Sixten Nilssons where they mainly sell Lynx and Polaris.

They also have a lot of clothes at Sixten Nilssons. There are a lot of colours to choose from. One day I would love to design my own snowmobile outfit. It has to be practical but I would like to make it less “sporty” and more “cool”.

Johan has been dreaming about a Yamaha Sidewinder for a while and got happy when we drove of to Luleå and Yamaha Center

I was mostly impressed by the old retro snowmobiles that they were showcasing. They looked as if they just came out brand new from the factory!

There were also some custom built machines on display.

Navis had a big pile of snow outside of their store. It made me think of the snowmobile day a few years ago when I came home from Gran Canaria and there was snow outside of Sixten Nilssons.

At Navis I got to see an Arctic Cat Alpha with it’s “weird” single-beam rear suspension system.

The Alpha might be unique but there was another snowmobiles buttocks that really made me turn my head… Look at those spikes!?

It belonged to a snowmobile built for dragracing called “the Inmate”. Catchy name and sledwrap!

Last of all we checked out Lindroths but at that point both me and Johan were pretty tired and it was time to go home and rest.

I love the snowmobile day because it reminds me that it’s not long until we have enough snow for driving.

Have you ever been on a snowmobile day event?

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2 thoughts on “Snowmobile Day 2018

  1. Ajli Müller says:

    Jag har aldrig deltagit på något som har med skotrar att göra, och faktiskt aldrig kört en. Jag har bara åkt bakom några snycken i sjukpulkan när jag kvaddat mig själv i snowboardolyckor >.< Det verkar himla roligt!

    1. Men hallå du är ju från Jokkmokk!? Måste ju ta och provköra någon gång 🙂

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