Sterling Silver Ouija Necklace

Do you want to see the complete process of making the Ouija planchette at the Silver Smith Course at Kristallen in Lannavaara? Well, here it is!

First of all I made a quick draft of my idea. After that I glued a pattern onto a silver plate and saw along the lines.

I filed the rough edges and drilled holes to reach the moons and the big circle with the saw blade.

When the two first pieces were cut out and polished it was time to solder them. The small symbol is the sign of the planet Uranus.

I was too nervous to take a picture of the actual soldering but this is what it looked like directly afterwards:

The planchette was cleaned in citric acid before I did some more filing and polishing.

Time for a second piece of decoration…

It’s not a real Ouija Planchette without “feets”. Or well perhaps it is but I wanted mine to have feets and made them into loops that the chain can go through when it’s worn as a necklace.

I dipped the planchette in oxidation fluid to darken the colour of the silver… The elevated parts were polished to get back their light silver hue.

This is what it looks like when finished, what do you think? 

I’m very happy that Katta suggested that we should enter the silver smith course at Kristallen. It was five days well spent ?

I’ll show you more of what we created in future posts!

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