Silver Smith course at Kristallen, Lannavaara

Today I started to work with my Ouija planchette design from yesterday evening. I drew a copy of the design on a piece of paper and pasted it onto a Silver plate. After that I could easily saw out the shape of the planchette.

Katta is sitting next to me and she is working on a quite complicated ring. I feel sorry for her because she has a cold.

I try not to giggle too much when Katta looks at me with her glasses but once she wore them upside down and I could not help myself and bursted into laughter. The glasses look silly when they are worn the right way so you can image what it was like when they were upside down…

We spent most of the day in the workshop but during the lunch I went outdoors to take some quick images of the surrounding. It’s beautiful in Lannavaara and the autumn air is fresh.

Me, Katta and two other classmates rent rooms in the black hostel building about 200 meters from the workshop. The rooms are simple but it’s a bed and a bathroom and they don’t cost a fortune.

It may not look like much but I’m pleased with how faar I’ve come with the planchette. There is still some work left to do tomorrow but if I don’t bump into any problems I should be able to finish it at start with a new project.

I’m already fantasizing about my next project. Somehow I would like to incorporate a stone.

You can see the complete process of making the Ouija Necklace here.

You can find more information about Kristallen in Lannavaara here.

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