Silver Smith Course

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember that last winter I was on a Silver Smiths course held by Bjarkatrollir during a weekend. I absolutely loved it!

The first day we got to practice with brass and I made an ankh talisman.

The second day we started to work with real sterling silver and I made this moon necklace:

After that course I have visited Nicke who has Bjarkatrollir several times and I’ve also participated in one of his mineral and rock courses. The combination of silver and stone is a match made in heaven ?

When my friend Katarina who has the blog Kattas Betraktelser saw images at the jewellery I had made it turned out we had more than blogging in common. Katta told me she had also been working with silver and even has a little workshop at home. However as as you can see in her latest blog post she is a lot more experienced than me!

Some time ago Katta suggested that we should go together on a one week long silver smith course at Kristallen in Lannavaara. I thought it was a great idea and both of us applied. We are traveling to Lannavaara on Monday.

I wonder what will come out of this? Exciting things I hope!

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    1. Ja nu är det dags att packa snart!!

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