Shop Dixi Labradorite necklace and ring

av Anna Munkhammar

Finally got two packages from Shop Dixi. Might seem like a waste with two packages instead of one but it was my own fault. I placed two orders the same day with only a few hours inbetween. Bad  planning…

This it what the jewellery looked like online:

And this is what they looked like when they arrived:

I think they were even more pretty in real life than what I had expected. Especially the silver ring! The colour of the labradorite stone was a lot more vivid than what it looked like on Shop Dixis photo.

Labradorite sure is a favourite stone of mine. It’s mesmerising to look at and the colours change depending on how the light hits it. Very beautiful!

The chain and rose are silver plated but the labradorite pendant is solid sterling silver. The ring is also sterling silver.


Should the ring be up…?

Or upside down…?

What do you think?

Up or upside down…?

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