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av Anna Munkhammar

It was a while ago I went on an online shopping spree.  I usually buy most of my clothes and accessories online but since we are building a garage I have done my best not to spend money on unnecessary items.

After finding out I’m pregnant I’ve also avoided new clothes for the natural reason that it will not be long until they don’t fit anyway…

Last week I lost control and I actually ordered five things (haha)… I suppose sometimes you have to give yourself a little treat and I’m looking forward to their arrival in my mailbox.

Want to know what I bought?



I’ve been drooling at this necklace from Hellaholics for such a long time. It’s a huge smoke quartz stone and wow it’s pretty! I should have bought it long ago.



I ordered a sterling silver ring with a labradorite stone and a necklace with a labradorite stone and a rose. The rose and chain are silver plated but the labradorite pendant is solid sterling silver. Both items were the last in stock, sorry…



A bat wunderbaum!? I just had to buy it for my car no matter what it smells!



This is one of the more odd things. A baby stroller. It may seem risky to buy it online but if we don’t like it we can always send it back. I’ll make a review as soon as we receive it.

Someone will be waiting by the mailbox everyday this week…

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