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You can’t believe how much I’ve been longing to write this blog post. Do you remember that there was a day this summer when I didn’t write a blog post because something major had happened? Probably not but it was the 25th july… Anyway what had happened was that I had found out I was pregnant!

The weather was crazy that day with heavy rain and thunder. It felt special finding out me and Johan are going to become parents ?

“Gravid” is “Pregnant” in swedish (“Raskaana” is the finnish word for pregnant)

I wanted to tell the whole world but Johan and I decided to wait until week 12 since the risk for miscarriage decreases drastically after that. This is what the baby looks like right now (in week 12) and it’s about the size of a Brussels sprout (approximately 4 cm):

Image from the app “preglife”

I still find it hard to believe that I’m going to be a mother but eventually it will sink in. On thursday we are going on our first ultrasound and we will see the baby for the first time. Perhaps after that I will truly understand that there is someone inside that growing belly of mine.

I’m happy to say that so faar I have felt very good during the pregnancy. Sure there are times when I’ve been nauseous but most of all I’ve been happy and energetic (thank God for that!). I hope I will continue to feel well throughout the whole pregnancy.

It will be a lot more easy writing blog posts from now on. I’m thinking about the baby all the time and it was hard keeping it secret!

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Julia september 17, 2018 - 20:03

Oh my god, Anna!!!! Grattiiiiiis!!!! Gud så förbannat roligt!!!!!

Anna Munkhammar september 17, 2018 - 21:48

Tack Julia! Ja alltså det känns helt fantastiskt ??

Eva – People in the Street september 18, 2018 - 19:47

Åh vad underbart! Stort, stort grattis och vad glad jag är för er skull! Jag gissade nästan att det kunde vara så när jag läste inlägget i somras. (eller hoppades <3)

Största kramen <3

Anna Munkhammar september 18, 2018 - 21:51

Jasså du gissade det! Var roligt. Jag tänkte att ja kanske någon misstänker ändå ?

Kattas_betraktelser september 18, 2018 - 19:56

Varmt grattis till dig och Johan. Jätteskoj. Yippiee.

Anna Munkhammar september 18, 2018 - 21:52

Tack! Ja nu blir det en spännande tid!


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