Home Alone

av Anna Munkhammar

I’m home alone this evening. Not a big deal but at the same time it is. I have not felt confident beeing on my own since last autumn. I’ve even slept at my parents place sometimes when Johan has been away (!) Today however, I was almost looking forward to spending time with myself. That’s what I call progress!

Sometimes I even forget what a rough winter I had. I’m at a point in my life now where I even look forward to going to work. I love my new workplace. I learn new things, I have friends there and the days pass really quick ?

There are a lot of nice things to look forward to this autumn. I have applied to a one week silver smith course and I’m helping a friend out with his website.

How did I spend the evening? Well, I made a tasty salad for dinner and I almost recorded a YouTube video…. Almost but still, it’s close now!

I know that as soon as I start working with YouTube again I will get hooked. It’s so much fun making videos but I “hurry slowly”.

Making two videos every week as I did in the beginning was a mistake. It left me with a lot of work and very little energy. This time, when I get started I’ll be more careful not to stress myself out.

What did I do instead of working this evening? NETFLIX and chill ?

Do you have any suggestions for what type of YouTube video I should record next? 

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