Gothenburg Natural History Museum

This is a throwback för real! These images are from when I was at Gothenburg Natural History Museum in December 2010…

At this time in my life I was very fascinated with taxidermy and especially animals that had been stuffed a very long time ago. They often look weird and almost like a cartoon of their time. Look at this fox from the 19th century with it’s pointy nose for instance.

They also had huge whale skeletons in a room and that defenatly made me feel small.

I know it’s morbid and It’s not that I like death or that I don’t feel sorry for the animals, or humans for that matter… poor conjucted twins are kept in a bottle!!  That’s sad!

What do you think about stuffed animals? Do you like them or are they just plain scary? 

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2 thoughts on “Gothenburg Natural History Museum

  1. Ajli Müller says:

    Jag visste inte att jag tyckte det, men jag satt med hopdragna ögonbryn och rynkad näsa när jag scrollade med blandad fascination och äckelkänslor. Empatin råkade jag glömma bort att känna, mest tycker jag tydligen att det är äckligt!

    1. Ja men visst är det lite skräckblandad förtjusning på något sätt? ???

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